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Grounded and Vibrant

Grounded & Vibrant Workshop

A look at the Fall/Autumn season through the lens of Ayurveda and learning strategies to stay balanced during this time.

In Ayurveda, Fall is known as 'Vata' season, which loosely translates from Sanskrit to 'that which moves'. This time of year is ruled by the elements air and ether and as such, the amount of air or wind we have in our body-mind may become out of balance. This workshop will teach techniques to get you through this time of year feeling centered and full of vitality!

While I encourage everyone to make it to the live, the replay will be available so you can return to these practices throughout the season and for anyone who registers and cannot attend the live session.

Crystals to connect with during Vata season and the workshop: Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Garnet, Citrine, Mookaite, or any other crystals you feel intuitively called to.

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