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Things are getting busy

As the pandemic drags on, the CrystalsRx family has been focused on finding the most high vibe crystals in the world and bringing them to you. With the entire family home for several months, we have all become much more familiar with the crystal business.

The twins, Claire and Leila, are rarely not looking out of the front window eagerly anticipating the next shipment from one of our suppliers. The UPS, FedEx and USPS carriers are basically celebrities around our household these days. The girls absolutely love helping Regina unbox new inventory. Some kids have LOL Dolls to unbox...ours have crystals. 

Connor really loves helping out during the live sales when he isn't face down in the latest Nintendo Switch game. He enjoys getting involved in the business, so long as it isn't directly in conjunction with his sisters. Connor is indeed keen on the crystal business, but he has grander visions of mining for his own minerals at some point and supplying CrystalsRx!  Lofty goals, kid!

Regina, of course, is steadily concentrated on finding the right inventory to keep all of our customers' crystal shelves looking incredible. Combine this with the efforts dedicated to story sales, live sales, shipping and general follow-up, finding a few minutes of free time can be a challenge. I honestly can't tell you all how much Regina and I value your business and you have no idea how grateful we are for this community. Also, we value your feedback for the new site, so let us know how we are doing!

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