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Another busy weekend of sales

First of all, thank you very much to everyone who participated in the story and live sales this weekend on IG! It was a whirlwind, but we are always grateful for the time spent with our crystal community. Regina just finished all of the invoices and we kinda sorta officially launched

That last sentence was difficult to type. I've been working on the new website for the past couple weeks and I'm definitely nervous, as I'm no webmaster by trade. We'll see how this goes. The first few orders have come through successfully, so I'm optimistic.

As for the live sale itself, it was definitely one of the more action-packed that we've had to date. Combine the new format, where we are condensing what was previously up to as long as 12 hour marathon live sales into no more than four, with the increased traffic and I did not sit down much. Regina was laser-focused on the list, though, and directed traffic like the true professional that she long as a true professional can operate with a Truly in hand.

The kids were unpredictably cooperative despite being electronics-free, which is the result of a recent ban. It happens from time to time. They have since discovered playing outside in the front of the house, which is a wonderful development, as we live at the end of a court. The more outside time, the better.

Once we get all of your crystal beauties out to you this week, we'll probably reward ourselves with an adventure in the family wagon out to the coast. It's been so nice to get outside after being cooped up for so long. The other day, it had to be 30mph winds and I honestly wouldn't rather have been anywhere else. We hope everyone else finds something to accomplish and reward themselves for this week!


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